Best Sunscreen For Face and Body 2017

Here we are in the middle of summer and that only means one thing..sunscreen!

Are you looking for an everyday sunscreen for running errands or your drive to work? Or maybe you’re an outdoor runner that sweats a lot and needs a sunscreen that really works, sweat no more, I have found some great sunscreens for you!

First; What does SPF mean in sunscreen?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The SPF number means the amount of time the sunscreen offers protection before you start to burn. So if you have a sunscreen with an SPF of 15, and you have fair skin that will start to burn after 10 minutes of being out in the sun, then the standard way to calculate how long you’ll be protected is 15×10=150 minutes. That’s coverage for up to 2 and 1/2 hours. So reapplying your sunscreen at 2 hours should cover you.

That is if you apply the right amount!

According to the Environmental Working Group, (EWG) consumers that apply sunscreen don’t apply enough of the product that the manufacturer recommends to get the full SPF coverage that they claim. I know, you don’t want the sunscreen to be visible so you don’t put on too much. But you’re really defeating the purpose!

Apply a generous amount and reapply after a few hours. Always reapply after being in the water or sweating.

Make sure you choose a sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection. Both of the rays are damaging, just in different ways. Most sunscreens have both but always read the label to make sure.

Tip of the day: Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before going in sun!

Here are my recommendations on sunscreens that I have found and used over my many years in the skin care industry. They are not sponsored recommendations.

Great For Everyday: Mineral make-up or dry sunscreen are the best natural sunscreens! (Even for guys) 

Jane Iredale

My favorite mineral make-up is Jane Iredale. She was the pioneer of mineral cosmetics and her products are the best in the industry.

Her pressed and loose powders offer great coverage plus a natural UVA/UVB protection for hours. The dry powder sunscreen goes on sheer, you can’t even see it on your skin, that’s the one I would sell to guys all day long at my Boutique in Hermosa Beach. Click here to go to Jane Iredale’s website.

Just because you’re in the car does not mean you’re protected from the sun!

Have you ever noticed on somebody that drives a lot that his or her left side of the face and left arm has more freckles or sunspots than the right side? Or maybe even more crows feet? Check it out on yourself, are your hands or left side of your face getting more sun?

A few minutes driving here and there, a few minutes walking to and from stores adds up and before you know it, you have sun damage and sun spots.

Goddess Garden Organics SPF 30

For a face and body sunscreen, this natural mineral sunscreen is perfect. The active sunscreen is Titanium and Zinc Oxide. It also has some wonderful nourishing ingredients for the skin such as aloe vera and sunflower oil. I love that this product is safe for people and the planet. Click here for Goddess Garden’s website.


Epicuren X-Treme Cream Propolis Sunscreen SPF 45 The best sunscreen for the face I have ever used. It’s a little pricey but once you’ve tried it, you’ll always want to have it around. It’s perfect for all skin types. It has an ingredient called propolis in it which is a natural acne inhibitor so it’s good for oily skin. It also has just enough emulsifiers so it won’t dry your skin out like sometimes zinc oxide can. It is a broad spectrum sunscreen with zinc oxide and chemical sunscreens. Click here for Epicuren’s website

Water Resistant Sunscreen

Promise Organic SPF 30 is a waterproof sunscreen that is good for sensitive skin. I would recommend it to someone that has dry to normal skin as it has olive and coconut oil in it and is a little on the greasy side. But it’s great for outdoors and swimming. They have other great products too. Click here for Promise Organic’s website.


The best sunscreen is a long sleeve shirt, hat and sunglasses 🙂

But we can’t be covered all the time so remember to reapply and be safe this summer! 



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