Here’s The Best Morning SkinCare Routine:

Morning Skin Care Routine Basics:

  1. Cleanse: Always use a washcloth or a soft facial brush when cleansing your skin. Switch cleansers depending on the season. In the winter you may feel dry and the need to exfoliate- Skin Resurfacing Cleanser from Dermalogica is perfect for that. I use it about 3x a week and it keeps my skin looking fresh, I alternate it with my creamy cleanser and my skin stays moist, no dry, tight feeling.
  2. Tone and moisture: Toners are designed to balance the PH of the skin and nourish. Spray on your toner, then apply a moisturizer while your skin is still wet so the moisture is sealed in! There’s nothing like collagen to give your skin a moist glow, PCA Skin’s Collagen Hydrator is not greasy at all and make-up goes over it well.
  3. Eye gel: I love using a copper based eye gel during the day because it’s light, helps with dark circles.
  4. Sunscreen: Even in winter we still have to use sunscreen! I love Epicuren’s Zinc Oxide spf 27  because it has their famous protein enzyme in it and zinc is great for sensitive skin. It also helps with acne.

Disclosure: All the products that I recommend on my blog are products that I have used myself or sold in my Boutique. Currently, I’m not making any commissions recommending the products or through the links that I post. I would love feedback or comments! Visit me on Instagram


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