The Best Skin Care Routine For Your Skin

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No matter your age or skin type, there are a few staple skin care steps that everyone should use in their skin care routine. Below are the ones that I don’t think anyone should skip!

  1. Cleansing! Washing your face two times a day-especially at night-because make up, pollution, outdoor elements wreak havoc on your skin. Nighttime is the best time to give your skin some love and let it repair just like the rest of your body -Oh and remember to use a washcloth with your cleanser!
  2. Use eye makeup remover! Most facial cleansers are designed to cleanse your skin, not your precious, fine eyelashes and the thin skin around them. There are cleansers out there that are 2 in 1 but I recommend that you keep them separate. The skin around your eye area is thinner than the rest of your face and your eyelashes are so delicate that you don’t want to use anything around your eye area that can dry out the skin or cause eyelashes to fall out.
  1. Daytime- Use sunscreen! Most sun damage that occurs in the 40’s and 50’s is a consequence of not using sunscreen at an early age like teenage years.
  1. Nighttime- Use moisturizer- remember what I said earlier, your skin is repairing itself while you sleep so even if you have oily skin using a light moisturizer that helps keep the surface of your skin hydrated will make a huge difference in the appearance and health of your skin. There are some great moisturizers available that only hydrate the surface of the skin while at the same time control oil production. Here’s one I love, it’s great for combo skin and has a matte finish so it’s great if you get that noontime shine. Decleor Fluide Matifiant.
  1. Eye cream- 20’s is a good age to start using eye cream, the skin around the eye area is delicate and needs a different kind of moisturizer. Even though a 20 year old most likely doesn’t have any wrinkles around their eye area, it’s a good habit to get into and prevention is the best way combat wrinkles!

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