You Could Scar From Doing This:

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woman-with-pimpleUuuggg you’ve got a hot date tonight and all of a sudden there is a pimple on your skin that needs to go!

What do you do? If you squeeze and pick without preparing your skin you will most likely scar yourself. Here are some quick tips on how to extract a pimple the correct way.

First, wash the area with a face cleanser and warm water using a washcloth. Hold the warm washcloth on the pimple for a minute while gently massaging the area.

Second, after a minute use the washcloth to gently squeeze the pimple. The warm washcloth should loosen up the infection in your pore and drain out.

Third, wash again with a cleanser then apply a toner to balance the PH then benzoyl peroxide to dry up oils and finally aloe to soothe and calm the skin.

Here is a great mineral make-up concealer for pimples that has clearing and calming ingredients and it’s great for men too! It’s appropriately called Disappear Full Coverage Concealer by Jane Iredale Mineral Make-up.

Quick Tip: You may have heard that going out in the sun clears up acne but in actuality, if you go out in the sun without sun protection and you have pimples or irritations from acne, it’s likely your skin will scar.

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