The Gut-Skin Axis

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girl-with-apples“We are what we eat” research has shown that is true!

You may have experienced some bad skin days or have wondered why you got an acne breakout-it’s most likely attributed to something you ate. Research has shown that the main causes of acne are refined carbohydrates, milk, (including dairy protein supplements) trans and saturated fats.

Refined carbohydrates (sugar) Why is sugar bad for my skin?

We have good and bad bacteria in our gut. The bad bacteria feeds on sugar so when we eat an abundance of sugar, it can set off an imbalance in our gut which reflects on our skin, sometimes in the form of mild irritations or tiny little whiteheads. Balancing your gut flora will do wonders for your skin, taking a probiotic supplement every day could diminish some skin care challenges. Probiotics are good bacteria that neutralize the bad bacteria in our gut. There are probiotics available that are gluten and dairy free, I prefer a probiotic with live cultures in the billions like Klaire Labs offers. My chiropractor recommended them to me and I love them! So far it’s the best probiotic I’ve ever tried.

Dairy is a bad food for your skin. Not only do the saturated fats, and trans-fats clog pores and cause oiliness, most milk and cheese from cows have hormones to literally “beef up” the cows. When humans ingest hormones it’s an acne trigger-in teenagers especially. The study also mentions dairy that is in protein supplements is bad for acne too, if it’s whey it’s dairy. So watch out, you may be getting dairy in your diet and not even know it. Make sure to read labels and if you just can’t live without dairy choose the organic products, your body is worth it! More on acne here

Caffeine is a big factor in skin ruddiness, it’s a natural diuretic so you have to watch out not to get dehydrated if you take in a lot of caffeine. Dehydration can cause skin dryness and inflammation. So the red cheeks or ruddiness you may be experiencing could be diminished just by cutting back on caffeine. It’s a good thing one cup a day has proven benefits such as anti-oxidants, otherwise I’d be in real trouble!salmon-and-greens

Shellfish From personal experience and listening to my clients over the years, shellfish can be a skin irritation or even cause cystic acne. Cystic acne is a deep and usually painful cyst that is under the skin and usually never surfaces. Cysts tend to be connected to hormonal breakouts so it’s common that they show up in the chin area. If you notice these type of breakouts try cutting out shellfish from you diet for a few months to see if you still get cystic breakouts.

Get A Healthy Glow!   Studies show that a diet enriched in vegetables and fish will help with acne and overall skin health. Vegetables are rich in antioxidants and fish has omega 3 fatty acids. Another good food for your skin is leafy greens- preferably organic so as to get all the minerals from the soil.   woman-with-glass-of-water

Water, Water, Water! If you’re not crazy about drinking water sometimes a slice of lemon will help with the taste. If that doesn’t work for you than make sure you’re eating foods that are high in water content such as watermelon, cucumber, fruits, and salads.

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