How To Get Glowing Skin Like A Celebrity In Three Easy Steps


Have you noticed how great a celebrity’s skin looks? With high-definition TV plus close up shots in movies, there really isn’t much they can hide. Celeb’s have hectic schedules and travel like crazy and their skin still glows! How do they do it? I’ll tell you!

During my 20 plus years as a celebrity skin care therapist, I’ve helped all my clients to achieve  beautiful glowing skin and I’m here to pass along some of my treasured hints so you can have the same glow too!

  • Water, Water, Water! Our skin consists of 64% water¹ so getting dehydrated can happen before you know it. Doctors tell us to drink eight glasses a day but if you drink coffee or travel, I suggest at least ten glasses. I know it’s so much! You’ll be in the bathroom more often than not! If you can’t do ten glasses every day, then definitely the day before a big event so your skin will glow.
  • Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate! Our cellular turnover slows down every day which is why exfoliation of the surface dead skin cells is so important. Exfoliation speeds up the process of new and healthy skin cells which helps to give you a youthful glow.
  • Moisture, Moisture, Moisture! There are so many great moisturizers out there it can be hard to choose one that’s right for your skin type. Here are a few tips:
  • If you have oily skin contrary to popular belief you still need to moisturize. I know it seems counter-productive but what I have noticed throughout the years with my clients is that usually when they have oily skin they don’t moisturize because their thought is that moisturizing will produce more oil, well, actually the opposite is true. By not using a daily moisturizer, oily skin will get surface dehydrated, which sends a message to the oil glands that your skin is dry on the surface so they better produce more oil- that’s where the mid-day shine comes from! There are moisturizers out there for oily skin, they control the oiliness during the day without drying out the surface of your skin. Here’s one I really like: Dermalogica Active Moist
  • If you have dry skin Omega fatty acid supplements are the best! They moisturize your skin from the inside out they also have a ton of other benefits for your body and health. For a topical moisturizer, a product that I love for dry skin and combo skin is Epicuren’s Hyaluronic Acid Gel. Hyaluronic Acid is a gel like serum that holds water a thousand times its own weight.² (kinda like
    an ant moving a cube of sugar to his ant farm) It’s lightweight and powerful. The best way to use: Apply your moisturizer immediately after the Hyaluronic serum so the moisturizer is locked in (you could even mix the two together).woman-washing-face-with-water
  • Tip of the day: Apply your moisturizer while your skin is still wet from washing your face to lock in the water.
  • If you have combination skin Spot treating is the way to go. I would suggest a daily moisturizer for combo skin like Epicuren’s facial emulsion moisturizer and then a spot treatment for the t-zone or oily areas. Here’s one that works well from Dermalogica. 

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¹   ²


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